About us

Soligorsk one of the youngest cities in Belarus. Located on the banks of the case and Soligorsky reservoir 133 km. from Minsk. 709 hectares of urban land is home to over 105 thousand people 35 nationalities. 

      The emergence of Soligorsk associated with the discovery and development of industrial potash deposits near the villages Vishnevka, Pokrovka Kovalev vine, Teslin, gerbil. It all started with the construction in 1958. in place d. Vishnevka Starobin district, town Novostarobinsk which a year later was renamed in a working village Soligorsk. Since 1962. to 1965, he composed Luban district. Since 1963 - a city of regional subordination, and since 1965 - the center of the district. 
      Defining the industry in the national economy - industry. More than 90% of the total production products "Belaruskaliy". The association employs 23,300 people, 83% of its products are exported to more than 50 countries. 
      The team of health workers KM "Soligorskaya CRH" provides preventive health care to the population in the amount of 134.9 thousand. People, Vol. H. In Soligorsk 104.7 thousand. Among the population served 109 thousand. Adults, adolescents 4327, 22 4 th. children up to 14 years, of which up to 1 year 1669, women of childbearing age 35300. 
      Medical care is provided by 7 inpatient beds for 1265, 21 outpatient clinics in the 2615 visits per shift. 
      In Soligosk function: Central Regional Hospital to 822 beds, combined with the clinic and 600 women's clinic for 70 visits per shift; 
- Children's Hospital with 129 beds and a polyclinic for 500 visits per shift; 
-kozhno Diseases Dispensary for 130 visits per shift; 
-poliklinika maintenance of Industrial Workers for 500 visits per shift (on the financing of "Belaruskali"; 
-stomatologicheskaya polyclinic for 240 visits per shift; 
- First aid station at 40,000 calls per year; 
- 26 other health centers, including 9 underground, 
- Speleological clinics (Republican Subordination) 250 surface and 250 underground beds; 
In rural areas, function: 
- Starobinskii City Hospital with 100 beds and a polyclinic on 50 visits per shift; 
- Krasnoslobodskaya City Hospital for 80 beds and Polyclinic for 65 visits per shift; 
- Dolgovskaya hospital nursing care for 40 patients with 25 outpatient visits per shift; 
- 8 outpatient clinics (7 of them outpatient general practitioner) for 465 visits per shift (in total); 
- 24 medical attendant - obstetric centers. 
       In medical institutions KM "Soligorskaya CRH" works 3250 people, including 437 doctors. Qualifying categories are 72.4% of physicians and 74.5% of nurses. 
      The team of CRH operates 3 ​​candidate honey. Sciences ( Lapusto A.A,  Getman N.P, Radkevych J.N)